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It’s going to be inevitable soon

It’s time that we all faced facts and acknowledged that for the possibility of a playoff berth is increasingly remote. The current standings:

    7. NY Rangers 73 84
    8. Montreal 72 81
    9. Florida 72 80
    10. Buffalo 72 76
    11. Ottawa 72 74
    12. Toronto 73 73

Buffalo may be catchable, but the combination of Montreal and Florida makes the situation much more difficult. With only 10 games left, we will find out if Florida made the right move in keeping Bouwmeester and if Montreal really will self-destruct. My thoughts are no, and yes.


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five for smiting has a point

Blogger five for smiting has a point. Spezza is not living up to his potential and he’s been around long enough that there’s no longer any excuse.

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Shut out by the Blue Jackets

Mike Peca still plays in the NHL, who knew? But, yes, and he assisted on the only goal of the game. Against the sens. Boo.

The problem Too mnay penalties. It’s not possible to score from the penalty box: six penalty kills over 39 minutes.

Alex Auld was good, stopping 25 of 26 shots. He deserved better.

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This is getting frustrating

I didn’t watch the game last night. I wasn’t at home. I heard most of the third period, but it wasn’t happiness-inducing.

Martin Gerber sounded like he played well. Maybe he needs to be out of the starters position. The problem is, if you reward his good play with a starter’s role, then he’ll start sucking again.

Mike Fisher had lots of shots and some good chances, but can’t score. Neither can anyone else, it seems. This is frustrating.

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See, line combinations help

A better result: lots of jump, which resulted in some goals.
And it’s nice to see Kuba contributing offensely again.

Good game – that’s how the Islanders should have been handled. Hopefully the momentum carries on …

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No sense in denying it: the Sens were owned by the Habs. There was no cohesion or unity. The powerplay was inept powerplay. The second powerplay unit was especially bad. Vermette was running around too much; Fisher’s passing was way off; Schubert wasn’t making his shots count.

Schubert had his worst game tonight. He got out of position on the first goal against and lost the puck on the second one.

I’m not sure where to go from here.

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Great result. Much better chemistry and puck support. I still think we need some improvements on the blueline: they need more threats from the point if the pp is going to be at full steam.

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