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De Jong steps down

Chris Tindale is reporting that Frank De Jong is stepping down as leader of the Ontario party:

    After 16 years at the helm, Green Party of Ontario Leader Frank de Jong said yesterday that he is stepping down. De Jong made the announcement to party members during opening remarks at the party’s annual general meeting being held this weekend in Toronto.

    A leadership contest will be held to choose a successor, culminating in a leadership and policy convention November 13-15, 2009 in London Ontario. De Jong is the longest serving Green party leader in Canada (possibly the world) and has survived three separate leadership challenges.


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Cool new resources for keeping up with Green developments

A great service has been done for us all by Dave Bagler, who has made both an aggregrator (which I’ll try to figure out how to join someday) and a discussion forum. Follow all the most recent developments!

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Only nine?

Over at, David Greenfield sketches out the different varieties of people that are to be found in our movement:

  1. Light Green
  2. Business Green
  3. State Green
  4. Citizen Green
  5. Centre-Left Green
  6. Far left Green
  7. Radical Action Green
  8. Deep Green
  9. Deep left Green

Confused? Go check out his whole esssay!

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Sponsor Chris!

Chris Tindale is going to be biking to Montreal to raise money for the Toronto People with AIDS Foundation. Follow the link to find out how to sponser him!

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The importance of money in our system

To judge by this article at the Not an official Green party site

    So there it is folks, this table was produced using the basic CORREL function in Excel. A correlation of 1 means a perfect positive correlation between the two variables, and a correlation of 0 means no relationship whatsoever. As you can see, there is a very strong relationship between reported election expenses and both the total number of Green Party votes, and the percentage of the total vote. The relationship between the financial position of the EDA the year before, and the actual vote outcome is less important, but still pretty strongly positive. Whether the funds were raised by the Campaign, or by the EDA prior to the election was still a positive relationship, but much less influential.

So clearly raising money is going to become increasingly important. Where we spend more, we do better.

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