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Favorite food blogs

Over at A Veggie Venture can be found scores of great vegetarian ideas. I’m not a veggie, as is known by regular readers, but the attitude I have is that one should trust the experts. Veggies know more about this stuff than anyone, right? Then if I add some great meat ideas — perfect!

Anyway, she’s got a great article on favorite food blogs:

    “On the surface, food blogs look much like other food sites, magazines and cookbooks. But look closer, they stand apart. Food blogs are extraordinarily personal, even when produced with knowledge and professionalism. They radiate curiosity, excitement and creativity. They often exude rich humor, sweet charm and unedited spontaneity.



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Only nine?

Over at, David Greenfield sketches out the different varieties of people that are to be found in our movement:

  1. Light Green
  2. Business Green
  3. State Green
  4. Citizen Green
  5. Centre-Left Green
  6. Far left Green
  7. Radical Action Green
  8. Deep Green
  9. Deep left Green

Confused? Go check out his whole esssay!

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Sponsor Chris!

Chris Tindale is going to be biking to Montreal to raise money for the Toronto People with AIDS Foundation. Follow the link to find out how to sponser him!

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