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The importance of money in our system

To judge by this article at the Not an official Green party site

    So there it is folks, this table was produced using the basic CORREL function in Excel. A correlation of 1 means a perfect positive correlation between the two variables, and a correlation of 0 means no relationship whatsoever. As you can see, there is a very strong relationship between reported election expenses and both the total number of Green Party votes, and the percentage of the total vote. The relationship between the financial position of the EDA the year before, and the actual vote outcome is less important, but still pretty strongly positive. Whether the funds were raised by the Campaign, or by the EDA prior to the election was still a positive relationship, but much less influential.

So clearly raising money is going to become increasingly important. Where we spend more, we do better.


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It’s going to be inevitable soon

It’s time that we all faced facts and acknowledged that for the possibility of a playoff berth is increasingly remote. The current standings:

    7. NY Rangers 73 84
    8. Montreal 72 81
    9. Florida 72 80
    10. Buffalo 72 76
    11. Ottawa 72 74
    12. Toronto 73 73

Buffalo may be catchable, but the combination of Montreal and Florida makes the situation much more difficult. With only 10 games left, we will find out if Florida made the right move in keeping Bouwmeester and if Montreal really will self-destruct. My thoughts are no, and yes.

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Mine didn’t turn out, but you might try…

I was feeling a bit adventurous and went to look around. I found a blog called, which specializes in South Indian food, which I love. A recent recipe there is a recipe for Green Papaya with Mustard Powder and gave it a try. I’m not sure what I did wrong, but it didn’t quite work for me. Anyway, here’s a picture from that site:

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