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Clearly Auld is taking over more and more of the duties. His numbers are better and in fact quite good. Now if the team could only score more.


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Great sandwich bread recipe

I always like to find specialty blogs and try some of their ideas. So I was really happy to find a bread blog, where a recipe for Honey Bran Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread is offered! You can see the whole thing by following the link.

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Stuffed artichokes!

I’ve found a great site with ideas for vegetables: A Veggie Venture.

Anyway, there are lots and lots of great ideas contained there, including this recipe for Stuffed Artichokes, which I tried last night. The secret? Bacon and cheese. Yum. And don’t forget their advice:

    SO ONCE THEY’RE STUFFED AND BAKED, HOW DO YOU EAT ARTICHOKES? With your fingers! I served these in big bowls, ones large enough for leftover leaves. Starting from the outside, pull off a leaf and scrape the fleshy part at the leaf’s bottom between your teeth, discard the rest. After all the leaves are gone, you’ll find the artichoke heart at the bottom, a cylinder of meaty flesh. Depending on the size of the artichoke, the heart will be just a couple of bites big but it’s worth saving for last and savoring. If someone offers their heart, say yes!

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No sense in denying it: the Sens were owned by the Habs. There was no cohesion or unity. The powerplay was inept powerplay. The second powerplay unit was especially bad. Vermette was running around too much; Fisher’s passing was way off; Schubert wasn’t making his shots count.

Schubert had his worst game tonight. He got out of position on the first goal against and lost the puck on the second one.

I’m not sure where to go from here.

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Great result. Much better chemistry and puck support. I still think we need some improvements on the blueline: they need more threats from the point if the pp is going to be at full steam.

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