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Ducks 4, Senators 3 (too little, too late)

A disappointing result. A better against the Ducks than against Florida, the team still lacked passion.

The third goal makes clear where the Senators’ problems lie. No one wanted the puck badly enough. The result? Obvious.

The second goal was pretty flukey, but it turned out to be the difference. You make your own luck!

How much of the problem is caused by a new coach, a new system and having new players? Maybe some. And we have to be patient. But there are still big holes: we need a puck-moving defenceman and better goaltending.


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Another start for Gerber

Martin Gerber will start tonight against the Panthers, which will be Gerber’s fourth straight game, having gone 1-2-0 in his previous three games.

Gerber sometimes thrives on a string of starts. Who will go against the Ducks Friday, though? Maybe Auld, leaving Gerber for Toronto on Satruday.

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Bruins 4, Senators 2

The Senators played awful, barely showing up against the Bruins. Spezza was a real disappointment. Senators fans deserve better. That’s all I have to say.

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Yea, Alfy!

Ottawa 6, Phoenix 3

Alfredsson has again shown why Sens fans love him. Just a week after having surgery on his knee, he played a great gmae and led the team to an easy victory over the Coyotes.

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Tough loss

I don’t think there’s any way to deny this — a soft goal by Martin Gerber at the wrong time. Again. And this after playing so well and making so many important saves, some of them spectacular.

Yes, the puck was bouncing, but if you’re in position you’ve got that.


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Gerber shaky

Beat three times on the short side. Not good, and reminiscent of those problems last year.

Gerber has to play better. Spezza has to play smarter, and Kuba has got to find his game.

Maybe the time zone thing contributed. But this isn’t good enough.

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And it starts

Opening night tonight against the penguins! and in Sweden, no less! Another season and I’ll be blogging it! Stay tuned.

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